How To Add an Environment?

To add a new environment, you need to log in to the management portal.

If you are entering for the first time to ApiGo , you will automatically encounter Add Environment page.


The picture below shows the page you will encounter.

On this page first, choose your business model that which standard do you want to follow. The environment name is a short description of your new environment. Dev, test, props, etc.

Domain, defined your environment’s physical address. For example;

The last step is production’s switch. If you want the manage your production features turn the switch in the direction of yes. When this happens, a new switch will appear below.


If an environment set as production and select “Application Approve Workflow” is enabled, When a developer creates an Application on developer portal, this application is not working without admin approved it. This Production switch can be changed later.

When click to Add Environment button, a new environment should be created and your page turns automatically new environment dashboard.


How To Delete Environment

To delete the environment you have created, you have to work with the environment which you want to delete.

You should select which environment you want to work, only the selected environment can be deleted. The picture below shows the screen when we press the selected environment button.


To delete an environment, at least 2 environments must be created.

After that click Environment from the menu on the left side of the management portal.


When you click on you will get to the details of the environment, you need to click on the edit button on this page.

After that you will encounter update environment pag


You need click the trash icon.


After that you will encounter Confirmation page. This page has been made to prevent accidental deletion. In order to delete the environment, the name of the environment should be written in the text box below.