Creation Date: 01.06.2021

Developer Portal

27229 – Generating access token from ApiGo Identity Server in Developer Portal

Developers can create access tokens whose grant types are authorization code or client credentials, for their test applications directly on the developer portal without the need for any tools. This feature provides convenience to the developers in API testing.

Infrastructure and Definitions

36449 & 36447 – Development of the request quota control

The companies can obtain protective measures regarding the principle of opening APIs to use a certain number of times for certain periods on a client basis, endpoint basis, or environment basis with the new feature, request quota control.

27558 & 27042 – Development of the request size limit control

This control provides that measuring the size of the request bodies sent to ApiGo Gateway on an endpoint basis or environment basis. Traffic is allowed according to the set threshold value by the institution’s configurations. Requests which exceed the size are blocked by the gateway.

Improve Users Experiences Design

36508 – UX design for Developer Portal Landing Page

The UX design was prepared on the landing page in the developer portal to improve user experience. In this work, the landing, contact us, products pages were redesigned.

36529 – UX design for New Environment Page in Management Portal

The UX design was prepared on the new environment page in the management portal to improve user experience. In this work, the listing environment pop-up and the new environment page were redesigned.

Preparation of Design Documents

36508 – Preparation of APIGO - TCMB Open Banking Standards Integration Design Document

This design document describes the integration of the Payment Initiation Service (PIS), which one of the main services of open banking standards set by the TCMB, with ApiGo. Thus, the compliance works of the ApiGo with the TCMB open banking standards were initiated.


Developer Portal 38348 Clients are listed incorrectly. Backend fixed Done
Gateway 37720 Cache Policy not working on request with path parameters. Backend fixed Done