Creation Date: 05.02.2020

https Certificates

To enable HTTPS on our websites, we need to get a certificate (a type of file) from a Certificate Authority (CA). With Let’s Encrypt, we have done this using software that uses the ACME protocol, which typically runs on our web host.

Https certificates are generated by using domain validation with the open Certificate Authority. From now onward, ApiGo provides HTTPS on Management Portal, Developer Portal, Identity Server, and Endpoints Gateway.

BOA Connector Settings

apigo customer validation

Customer Validation

Two-factor authentications is a method of verifying the user using two different types of validity checks, often by asking for something only the user knows and something only they possess. Integration between BOA and ApiGo created with two-factor authentication.

`ApiGo`_’s connectivity has been empowered with BOA Connector. This function provides a tailor-made solution to BOA users. If you choose your core banking system as BOA, you can make your customer validation with a customized configuration.

A new customer validation method has been added with BOA Connector. Management Portal user can reach this function with Configurations-Customer Validation.

Client Approval Process

Client approval process can be managed by Management Portal user.

Defined allowed scopes can be arranged by API Team of the bank. Also, you can give information to your developers about the status changes automatically.


Developer portals are incredibly important to the API economy, because they are the face of the API provider in the developer’s world. They are the first step in building an ecosystem.

Notification Settings

A new configuration function has been added with Notification Settings. Management Portal user can manage all notifications with Configurations-Notification Settings.

Five main settings have been created for the management of notifications. With this function, the bank’s API Team can understand and follow developer’s entire journey to create more effective service to the developers and third parties.

  • When New Developer Register

With this function, the Management Portal user can give information when a new developer registered on developer portal.

  • When New Application Defined

With this function, the Management Portal user can give information when a new application was defined on developer portal.

  • When Application Updated

With this function, the Management Portal user can give information when a new application was updated on developer portal.

  • Go Life Request

With this function, the Management Portal user can give information when a request was sent to go live on developer portal.

  • News

With this function, Management Portal user can be informed when new news published on ApiGo.

apigo notification settings features

Notification Settings Features

  1. Send to me an email

When any changes have occurred in the previously explained details, you can follow them with emails that are defined to your management portal account.

  1. Leave a message in my inbox

When any changes have occurred in the previously explained details, you can follow them with a message in your inbox on Management Portal.

  1. Additional emails

When any changes have occurred in the previously explained details, you can inform your teammates with additional emails.

Help Documents

Help Documents created with quick start shortcuts. You can reach the User Manual documentation of the ApiGo. In this documentation, you will find the fundamentals of ApiGo. All of the functions have been explained in User Manual.

This document is a guideline, including the explanation of how you could use ApiGo. Also, you can get in touch with ApiGo Team with “Send a Feedback” function.

Payment Limit Policy

apigo endpoints


When an endpoint is created, you can customize it with polices. A new policy, Payment Limit Policy, has been added to define more powerful endpoints. A new policy to control payment limits has been created with UK Open Banking Standard. Http method of this policy is “POST”. With this policy, the payment limit can be determined, and specify the message which will be responded if the request is over the limit.

Scope Management

apigo entire journey of scope management

Entire Journey of Scope Management

Endpoints can be classified with scopes, and they can be served as a product. This function provides enabling to manage the application approval process. When a developer sent a request for his application, the Management Portal user can control the approval status based on scopes.

apigo scope management

Scope Management

Management Portal user can manage all scopes with Configurations-Scope Management. You can add a new scope, and the endpoints can be defined to any scope. You can give a scope name and title; after that, the new scope will be available.

apigo scopes


Retouch for Messages

apigo design of message detail

New Design of Message Detail

Message details can be monitored with a new design. Contact detail and content of the message have been separated from each other.


Account Access Consent List Pagination:
In the account access consent Approve process, the customer’s account selection has been provided by pagination.
Refresh and extend AISP Consent Access:
An approved Account Access Consent can be protracted for more 90 days.
Fund Confirmation Consent:
Fund Confirmation consent can be created, deleted, revoked.
Fund Confirmation Create:
If the customer has a Fund Confirmation Consent, the fund confirmation process can be done with a destination URL.
File Payment Consent:
File payment consent can be created, deleted, and revoked. File download and upload are available.
FilePayment Consent Policy Control:
If the customer has filepayment consent, the requested information can be sent to the given destination URL with file details on the endpoint calls.

Fixed Issues

  • Management Portal – Sign Up Screen – Password Correction – UI fixed
  • Management Portal – Dashboard – Expire Day – UI fixed
  • Management Portal – Update Bank – Country Code – When the user selects the country, the country code will be displayed automatically.
  • Management Portal – Update Bank – Flow Management – All details have been completed, and after update bank click, the user will be reached dashboard.
  • Management Portal - SMTP settings have been configurated as a blank.
  • Management Portal, Developer Portal - The conflict, including the same email address which is used to sign in Management Portal and Developer Portal, is solved.
  • Developer Portal – Unless the certification is uploaded, the public key cannot be filled.
  • Developer Portal – Dashboard - Application Creation – UI fixed
  • Developer Portal – If “Is production” is not correct, we cannot take a token. – Backend fixed
  • Management Portal – Application Approve List – UI fixed – Dropdown bottom will be a list.
  • Developer Portal – Application Note – The character limitation will be added.
  • Management Portal – Messages – The list can be viewed as sort by. The last message will be the top of the list.
  • Developer Portal – Contact Us – Button Correction
  • Account Consent Permission – If there is not any historical data about the consent, relevant space will be blank.