How To Track Gateway Error?

What is Gateway Log?

Gateway log management is the activity of handling log events generated by the gateway. It involves creating, collecting, centralizing, parsing, transmitting, storing, archiving, and disposing of massive volumes of autogenerated data for troubleshooting and gaining business insights, while also ensuring the compliance and security of applications and infrastructure.

Gateway Logs provides an overview of the different types of transactions and events displayed in ApiGo Gateway and how to monitor them. Gateway logs contain helpful information that you can use to identify and fix most errors with your APIs. This information includes the requests that your API receives, your API’s integration backend responses, and authorization type to reach APIs. Also, the logs contain details about who accessed your API and how they accessed it.

How It Works?

  1. Gateway Logging is an essential part of building backends, and it gives us visibility into how we are processing and responding to incoming requests. When a request is sent to the gateway, the trace will be journaled to monitor by the tenant admin.
apigo gateway logs page
  1. In gateway logging, tenant admin, as a want to log who has accessed API and how the caller accessed the API. The logged data includes errors or execution traces about requests sent to the gateway and response received by TPP. The admin can use the gateway logs menu in the Management Portal to view and search ApiGo Gateway log details.

Management Portal -> Log Management -> Gateway Logs -> The Related Log Record

apigo endpoint response
  1. Gateway logs can be filtered to a specific time period with using the time filter restricts on the head of the drawer. Tenant admin can set a time filter to view error logs with configuring the time-field. ApiGo provides sample valid dates when editing filters. By default, the time filter is set to the last 1 day.
apigo gateway logs filter daily
  1. There are five types of filter selection includes Status Code, HTTP Method, TPP Name, published Endpoints, Channel the request will be answered. By default, filters are set to bring all logs. For example, to view error logs, adjust the relevant error code from Status Code.
apigo gateway logs weekly
  1. The error with 404 HTTP Status code returned from the gateway, can be monitored by using the filter function on the Log Management menu.
apigo gateway logs detail