ApiGo: An End-to-End SaaS Solution

Open banking business demands you to understand so many technical consepts, security issues, reports that you must solve, expecting you to allocate time and resources. ApiGo offers you and end-to-end solution to solve your open banking requirements depending on whichever standard you need to comply with, either it is UK Open Banking Group or Berlin Group Standards, we have ready templates for your transition.


User Manual

Are you new to ApiGo or are you looking to use our End-to-End SaaS Solution? Learn about ApiGo to help you create fantastic customer journey for your business.

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How To

This section aims to be a guide for users how to use ApiGo.

UK Open Banking Specification

UK Open Banking Specification is designed to assist account providers in meeting their PSD2 and RTS requirements as well as supporting their application for an exemption from the contingency mechanism. This market-enabling Standard is built in an optional modular format to meet consumer and market needs most effectively.

Advanced Features

ApiGo offers many advanced features and options. Learn more about these integrations and how you can get the most out of your APIs.

Release Note

This is a detailed design for every releases.